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My name is Gilbert Huntington. My heritage is Alaska Native Koyukon Athabascan, as are most of our guides. I was born and raised in the Interior Alaska, where we presently reside. Growing up in the Interior made it easy for us to enjoy some of the best hunting, fishing, and trapping that Alaska has to offer. The extreme weather here has helped us to develop the skills necessary to survive and prosper. We spend part of every season in the guide area. These same skills and knowledge helps us to attain the opportunity for the trophy you desire.


The number 1 priority in our guiding service is the clients opportunity to harvest the superb trophies in our area. With safety in mind, we do whatever it takes to get you there. Going the extra mile or enduring adverse conditions is what we are used to and if you are willing, we'll do it for you.


The Yukon-Koyukuk drainage has consistently produced more record book trophy moose, grizzly, and wolf than any other area. Our hunts originate in the village of Galena. Daily commuter flights are available from Fairbanks or Anchorage. For May-June or September hunts, we depart Galena in outboard powered skiffs to base camp. These same boats are then used to access the hunting areas on the main rivers. We also use outboard-jet powered Jon boats to access the small streams. The camps are canvas wall tents or depending on the area log cabins. Food is home cooked by your guide or freeze dried if spiking in the hills for bear.


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